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【UEFN】Recommended Boss Battle Map【September 24, 2023】


I would like to know the recommended boss battle map!

We will solve these problems.

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Let's get right to it 😌.


Fortnite Boss Battle Recommendation Map [September 24, 2023]

The maps presented here are as follows

 UEFN map
 Map code & number of people, etc.
  • Title of work
    • ボスウォーズ (BOSS WARS🔥)
  • Map Code
    • 7573-4874-6603
  • Maximum number of players
    • 16 people
  • category
    • Jump in, play, PVP, open world
 Play Video
*Please note the volume.

As you can see in the video, it is a map where you fight a huge boss 😌.

Please join us!



Thanks for reading to the end!

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